Illinois Arson Attorney John D. Ioakimidis

Award-winning Arson lawyer John D. Ioakimidis has successfully defended Arson cases for over two decades throughout Chicago and the surrounding counties, including Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County. He has the reputation of effectively fighting for his client’s rights and always looks to win the case before it goes to trial. As a top-rated criminal defense lawyer recognized from multiple national invitation-only organizations, he has the skills and temperament to align your case in such way as to get you the best possible outcome.

What is Arson in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, 720 ILCS 5/20-1, you are guilty of Arson if by fire or explosive you damage any property having a value of $150 or more. The crime of Arson is a Class 2 felony that carries a prison sentence of three to seven years. In general, probation is available for a Class 2 felony unless it is prohibited by Illinois law – 730 ILCS 5/5-5-3(c)2. If you have an extensive criminal history, or if you have been found guilty of a Class 2 or greater Illinois felony within the past ten years, probation or deferred prosecution is not available.

What is Aggravated Arson?

Under Illinois law, you are guilty of an Aggravated Arson if you injure a person during the commission of an Arson. Aggravated Arson has more serious consequences than regular Arson because there is not only property damage but also an injury to a person. Unlike Arson which allows for probation, Aggravated Arson is a Class X felony which carries a sentence of six to thirty years in prison. Probation is not allowed for a conviction for a Class X felony under Illinois sentencing rules. Under certain circumstances, a Class X conviction can carry an extended sentence of 30 to 60 years. If you are being charged with Arson, your freedom depends on a solid legal defense. Illinois Arson attorney John D. Ioakimidis has over 23 years of experience handling complex criminal cases in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County and DuPage County.

What is Residential Arson?

Under Illinois law, you commit Residential Arson if you knowingly damage someone’s residence by fire or explosive. Residential Arson is punishable by no less than four years and not more than fifteen years in the state Penitentiary because it’s considered a Class 1 felony under Illinois law. Deferred prosecution is not available for Residential Arson. However, probation for Residential Arson is available unless it is specifically prohibited by Illinois law or you have an extensive criminal record.

What is Place of Worship Arson?

The Illinois State Legislature carved a specific Arson law when it comes to places of worship. You are guilty of Place of Worship Arson if you damage any a church, mosque, synagogue or another place of worship by fire or explosives. Any damage is enough to be charged with Place of Worship Arson regardless of the extent of the damage. Illinois law classifies Place of Worship Arson as a Class 1 felony that is punishable by a prison sentence of 4 to 15 years. Just like Arson and Residential Arson, the option of probation is available while deferred prosecution, first and second chance probation is not. If you have a pending Arson case in Chicago, Cook County, Lake County or DuPage County, the trusteed advice and guidance from Arson lawyer John D. Ioakimidis is what you need to successfully defend your case.

What is Criminal Possession of Explosive Devices?

Under Illinois law, you can be guilty of Criminally Possessing an Explosive or Detonating Device if you use either or both in the commission of a crime. It’s considered a very serious offense and the State is aggressive in pursuing these types of cases. A good defense while applying pressure on the State is your only chance of avoiding jail. With all the terrorist acts that have been committed, the law is very harsh when it comes to explosives. Upon a conviction, the judge is required to sentence you to no less than four years and not more than thirty years in prison. Due to the seriousness of the crime, probation is not available as an alternative to jail.

Highly Experienced Arson Lawyer John D. Ioakimidis

Arson attorney John D. Ioakimidis has represented individuals charged with serious crimes for over 23 years. He has a deep understanding of Illinois criminal law and procedure and is keenly aware of the differences and complexities between Arson, Aggravated Arson, Residential Arson, Place of Worship Arson and Possession of Explosive Devices.

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