Counterfeiting / Forgery

What is Forgery?

You can be guilty of a Forgery under Illinois law (720 ILCS 5/17-3) if you make or alter any document with the intent to defraud another person, including lawful use of a digital signature.

What is the Sentence for Forgery?

The Illinois criminal offense of Forgery is a Class 3 felony. A Class 3 felony carries a possible prison sentence of between 3 to 7 years and probation is possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Forgery Criminal Case?

When our attorneys appear in Court, our clients are represented by highly skilled criminal defense trial attorney with one goal in mind: To Win! We understand how important it is for you to clear your name and not be labeled a criminal. We understand the implications of being convicted of a Forgery and how it could jeopardize your ability to get a job.

We have represented thousands of clients over the last 18 years with great success. On the first Court date, we immediately file with the Court a Motion for Discovery which requires the Prosecutor to give us all of the evidence that they have against you, including police reports, statements, the accuser’s criminal background, pictures and video and audio tapes of 911 calls. The Prosecutor is required to give us all the evidence they intend to use against you, even if the evidence shows that you are innocent.

Upon reviewing all of the evidence, we will usually file a Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence, Motion to Suppress Statement and any other motions if warranted by the facts and the law.

The idea is to win the case before it goes to trial. We have a proven track record of winning criminal cases with thousands of grateful and satisfied clients.

If you are facing Forgery criminal charges in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County or Kane County, give us a call. We can help.