Kane County Criminal Record Expungement and Record Sealing

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If your criminal record is holding you back from realizing your dreams, recent changes to Illinois expungement law allows almost all crimes to be either expunged or sealed. In the past, most felonies would stay on your record for life. Now, if specific time periods have passed, you can file for criminal record expungement or sealing in Kane County, Illinois. Our firm has been in business since 2004, and each Kane County expungement lawyer has decades of experience. If we cannot seal or expunge your record in Kane County, we will refund your fee in full. With a money-back guarantee, you can feel confident that your Kane County expungement attorney has the ability and knowledge to win your case. We are an award-winning firm selected by The National Trial Lawyers as “Top 100”. Below are frequently asked questions.

Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in Kane County?

If your misdemeanor case was dismissed, you were acquitted, or you completed Court Supervision, you can file a Petition to Expunge in Kane County and appear before the Court and try to convince the judge that you have turned your life around, and your criminal record is preventing you from moving on with your life. Criminal record expungement is available in Kane County for almost all misdemeanors. Cases such as DUI, Domestic Battery, Violation of Order of Protection, and certain sex crimes are not eligible for expungement unless they were dismissed, or you were acquitted. If you were convicted, you may be eligible to seal your record. Keep in mind there are specific waiting periods before you can file your expungement or sealing case. If your case was dismissed or you were acquitted, you can file right away. If you completed Court supervision, you must wait two years before you file for expungement. Our firm’s Kane County expungement lawyers have represented clients since 2004 and have the experience required to convince the judge to clear your record. We are one of the very few firms nationwide to offer a money-back guarantee for criminal record expungement.

You can even expunge certain felonies. If you were placed and successfully completed Second Chance Probation, First Offender Drug Probation, TASC Probation, or Qualified Probation, you can expunge your record five years after completing your sentence. Expunging your record in Kane county is not automatic. You still must appear before the Court and convince the judge that you are now a law-abiding citizen and have moved on beyond your past.

What happens when I expunge my Kane County record?

When a record is expunged, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the police department that arrested you, and the Illinois State Police will delete your record and destroy all your case documents. The case will disappear, as if it never existed, and will never come up on a background check.

Can I Seal my Kane County criminal record?

You can seal almost all misdemeanors and felonies in Illinois if you are not eligible to expunge your record. There is a waiting period of three years after completing your sentence before submitting your Petition to Seal with the Clerk of Court. Our record sealing attorneys for Kane County have over two decades of experience and have the utmost confidence they can seal your criminal record.

What happens when I seal my Kane County Record?

When the record is sealed, it will be hidden from the public and almost all employers. It will not come up on a regular background check. However, it will come on a fingerprint-based check if you apply for certain jobs or apply for licensure by a State agency. Our Kane County record sealing attorneys at our firm have decades of criminal law experience and have the knowledge and know-how to get your case sealed or expunged. We offer a money-back guarantee. If our Kane County record sealing lawyers cannot get your case expunged or sealed, we will refund your fee in full.

Where will my Record Expungement or Record Sealing case take place?

Your case will be at the main Kane County Courthouses for criminal cases located at 37W777 Illinois 38, St. Charles, Illinois 60175. There are also 4 Branch Courthouses in Kane County. These Branch Courthouses mainly handle municipal violation matters and traffic offenses. The Kane County Branch Courthouse are located at the following locations:

  • Kane County Branch – 540 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, Illinois 60174
  • Aurora Branch – 1200 East Indian Trail Road, Aurora, IL 60505
  • Carpentersville Branch – 1200 L W Besinger Dr, Carpentersville, 60110
  • Elgin Branch Court – 1500 Dexter Court, Elgin, Illinois 60120

Will the Prosecutor object to my Kane County Expungement case?

With your Kane County expungement lawyer, you will be well prepared for your hearing before the Court. The Prosecutor will often object to expungement and sealing cases. In Court, we do whatever is necessary to prove to the judge that you have turned your life around, and the public does not need to know about your past. We prepare a mitigation packet that is given to the prosecutor and the Court. It contains your resume, school transcripts, awards, certificates, letters of recommendation, and other documents that show your good character. If our Kane County expungement attorneys believe that they can expunge your record, rest assured that their confidence is well placed since we offer a money-back guarantee.

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