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Is your Lake County County criminal record preventing you from moving on with your life? Do you need a Lake County expungement lawyer to help clear your record? With your record expunged, it will no longer exist. The arresting agency, the State Police, and the Clerk of the Court will destroy your criminal record. If your case is not eligible for expungement, you may qualify to have your record sealed. With a sealed record, almost all employers, landlords, and the public will not be able to see your record. Our record sealing attorneys for Lake County have sealed or expunged cases for voluntary manslaughter, burglary, battery assault, UUW, theft, drug cases, and many more serious cases.

Our firm has been in business since 2004, helping people in Lake County lift the burden of their past off their shoulders. We have such confidence in our ability to expunge or seal your record that we offer a money-back guarantee. If your record is not sealed or expunged, we will refund your fee in full. Our practice focuses only on expungement and sealing records and offer our services to people whose cases were in Lake County. Illinois expungement law has recently changed to allow almost all crimes to either be sealed or expunged. Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding expunging your record in Lake County.

Can I expunge my criminal record in Lake County?

Whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor, your record may be eligible for expungement. You start the process by filing your Petition to Expunge, and usually, a court date is assigned. You appear before the Court and try to convince the judge that you have turned your life around and deserve a second chance. With your record expunged, you will no longer fear not getting a job, denied renting an apartment, getting licensed, or getting into a school of your choice.

Illinois law allows almost all misdemeanor charges to be expunged if you were not convicted. There are specific waiting periods before you can file your Expungement Petition in Lake County. For misdemeanors that were dismissed, you can file for expungement immediately. If you received Court supervision for almost all misdemeanors, you have to wait two years to file for expungement. Some cases are not eligible for expungement even if you received supervision, including DUI, reckless driving, traffic offenses, and sex offenses involving a minor. Our Lake County expungement lawyers have decades of experience expunging records.

For felony cases, you can expunge your record five years after you complete your sentence for 410, 710, 1410 probation, Second Chance Probation, Qualified Probation, or First Offender probation. If your felony was dismissed, you could file for expungement immediately after the dismissal. On the other hand, if you were convicted, you can qualify for sealing your Lake Couty record.

Can I seal my record in Lake County, Illinois?

With your record sealed, the public, landlords, and almost all employers will not have access to your record. It will also not come up on a background check unless it is finger-print based, and the employer, institution, or licensing agency is authorized to view your record by the Illinois State legislature.

For records that are not eligible for expungement because you were convicted, you have the option to seal almost all misdemeanors and felonies in Illinois. Convictions are usually when you receive regular probation, conditional discharge, jail time, or time considered served. In such cases, you have to wait three years to file for sealing your record. Our record sealing attorneys of Lake County have been representing our clients since 2004 and have in-depth knowledge of how the Lake County expungement process works.

Regardless of your case’s outcome, some cases are not eligible for sealing or expungement unless the cases were dismissed. They include Violation of Order of Protection, Sexual cases, Domestic Battery, and DUI. If this is the case, you can file a Clemency Petition with the Illinois Prisoner Review Board and request a pardon from the Governor. After you file your clemency petition, you will appear with your pardon attorney before the Board and present your case for getting a pardon. The Illinois prisoner review board will then make a recommendation to the Governor. Ultimately, the Governor makes the final decision whether to grant pardon.

Which Court will decide my Expungement case?

Your expungement case will be held at the main courthouse at 18 North County Street, Waukegan, Illinois

There are also three branch Courthouses in Lake County. The first Branch Courthouse is the Mundelein Branch Court located at 105 East State Route 83, Mundelein, Illinois. The second Branch Courthouse is the North Branch Court located at 1792 Nicole Lane, Round Lake Beach, Illinois. The third Branch Courthouse is the Park City Branch Court located at 301 South Greenleaf Avenue, Park City, Illinois. All of these Branch Courthouses primarily handle Traffic matters and Municipal Violations.

Some of the main cities in Lake County are Highland Park, Highwood, Lake Forest, North Chicago, Park City, Waukegan, and Zion. It also has numerous villages such as Antioch, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Gurnee, Libertyville, Lake Zurich, Lincolnshire, Mundelein, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Wheeling, and Vernon Hills.

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We have been in business since 2004. We have handled many cases in Lake County and are familiar with all of the courthouses, prosecutors, and judges that handle such cases in Lake County. We understand the stress that can be caused by having a criminal record. Your Lake County expungement lawyer attorney will give you his private cell phone number, and you will be free to contact him with questions whenever you want. We will do everything we can to expunge or seal your record. We are widely respected and recognized for our knowledge of the law and our extensive experience handling expungement and sealing cases. We frequently take cases that other attorneys would not accept. We are so well-respected in the legal community that the National Trial Lawyers have nationally recognized us as a top 100 criminal defense firm. We are here to serve the Lake County community. To speak to an expungement lawyer, call us at 847-481-6033 for a consultation free of charge.