Village of Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a community that is located roughly 25 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Parts of the village are located within Cook County and Lake County. It has a population of over 75,000 people. Arlington Heights is the most populous community that is incorporated as a village in the United States, though neighboring Schaumburg and Palatine are not far behind in population. Arlington Heights is known throughout the nation as being the home of the Arlington Park Racetrack. The Arlington Park Racetrack hosts the Arlington Million, a Breeders’ Cup qualifying event that is televised throughout the country every year. The Arlington Park Racetrack opened in 1927.  It became the first racetrack to install a public address system. In 1981 the Arlington Park Racetrack became the first site to host a thoroughbred race with a million-dollar purse. Arlington Heights is also the home of The Daily Herald, one of the three major newspapers servicing the Chicago Metropolitan area.

In 1853, William Dunton, convinced the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad to make a rail stop in what is now Arlington Heights. He started a town called Dunton where the rail stop was built. The current Dunton Avenue is named after William Dunton. Dunton Avenue is the dividing line in Arlington Heights that splits the addresses from east to west. At the time, the area was well known for its absence of trees and groves. Just like neighboring Schaumburg, the original settlers were mostly German farmers. By the late 1850’s, Arlington Heights became known for supplying dairy and vegetable products to Chicago via railroad.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, the population of Arlington Heights remained pretty stable. But in the 1950s and 1960s, Arlington Heights experienced a population explosion. The expansion of the Chicago economy along with the availability of automobiles made Arlington Heights an attractive community for people to live in. By 1970, virtually all of the available land in Arlington Heights had been developed and taken up.

Village leaders recently announced that they will take start an initiative to promote walking throughout the village. They plan on spending $35,000 to place signs throughout the village urging people to walk around. For instance, they plan on placing a sign outside of a school detailing the route and distance between the school and a local park. Village leaders took the idea from similar signs at nature trails.

Arlington Heights Law Enforcement

The Arlington Heights Police Department is located at 200 E Sigwalt St, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. The Arlington Heights Police Department has numerous departments such as Criminal Investigations, Patrol and Parking Tickets. The Arlington Heights Police Department has approximately 100 sworn officers, about 7 less than neighboring Schaumburg, 10 less than Palatine and the same as Hoffman Estates. In 2015 The Village reported that they had a shortage of sworn officers. They reported that they should have 109 officers on duty. The shortage was due to a large group of officers that had been hired 30 years ago that are now retiring. As a result of the shortage, available officers were being asked to work overtime which was causing the resources of the police department to be stretched. The department is reporting that they are working hard to make up the shortage but that doing so will take time since hiring and training officers is a lengthy process.

Arlington Heights Criminal Cases

Like Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights is split between Cook County and Lake County. However, most of the Village is located within Cook County. This means that the main Courthouse that covers criminal cases in Arlington Heights would be the Rolling Meadows Courthouse located at 2121 Euclid Avenue, Rolling Meadows, Illinois. In addition to Arlington Heights, that Courthouse covers criminal cases in neighbouring towns such as Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg, among others. The Rolling Meadows Courthouse hears felony cases in two full-time felony courtrooms and several misdemeanor courtrooms as well as traffic matters. It hears civil cases and divorce cases as well. The Rolling Meadows Courthouse is one of six Branch Courthouses in Cook County.

For Arlington Heights Lake County criminal cases, those cases are heard at the Lake County Courthouse which is located in downtown Waukegan Illinois, at 18 North County Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Lake County has Branch Courthouses located in Mundelein, Round Lake Beach and Park City. But most, if not all, felony cases are heard at the courthouse in downtown Waukegan.

Award Winning Criminal Attorney for Arlington Heights Residents

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