Village of Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates is a suburb of Chicago. Most of Hoffman Estates is in Cook County but a small part of it is also in Kane County. Hoffman Estates began in 1954 when a local farmer sold his 160 Acre Farm to the owners of the Father and Son Construction Company so that a subdivision may be built. The land, which is known as parcel A, was located east of Roselle Road between Golf and Higgins Roads. The first homeowners moved into the subdivision in 1955. The first homes were built on half acre lots of land and were sold for $14,500. In 1959 the residents of the subdivision voted to incorporate as the  Village of Hoffman Estates.  At the time the charter was issued, the population was about 8,000 and Hoffman Estates was just under 3 square miles. In 1961 the first land north of the tollway was annexed to the Village of Hoffman Estates. The following year another 2,000 acres were annexed. These annexations more than doubled the incorporated area of Hoffman Estates. In 1980, the first small office buildings were built in Hoffman Estates. Immediately after, large corporate centers were constructed. In 1992, Sears Roebuck and Company moved into a 1.9 million square foot headquarters in Hoffman Estates. This development came to be known as the Prairie Stone Business Park. The late 1980’s and early 1990’s saw Hoffman Estates shift from primarily a residential community to a commercial community. The future growth of the village is concentrated along the western boundary with about 2,000 acres of vacant land that will be developed for office, research, hi-tech, Industrial, and residential use.

Today, Hoffman Estates is the home of about 50,000 people and has a total incorporated land area of about 19 square miles, a big jump from the original 3 square miles. School District 54, which is the elementary school district covering Hoffman Estates, started with one school in 1952. Today, it is the second largest school district in the State of Illinois outside of Chicago.

Hoffman Estates Law Enforcement

The Village of Hoffman Estates Police Department consists of a force of over 100 sworn police officers. The police department has over 35 vehicles and has several specialized divisions such as Patrol, Investigations, Juvenile Investigations, Traffic, Tactical, Community Relations, Problem Oriented Policing, and School Resource Officers. Each officer works one of three eight-hour shifts each day. Police officers can retire after 20 years but cannot draw a pension until they turn 50 years old. The Police Department has been recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police for their “Chiefs Challenge” award program. The competition for that award includes police organizations such as the Los Angeles Police Department, New York Police Department and the California Highway Patrol. The Hoffman Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement services throughout the Village of Hoffman Estates.

Hoffman Estates Criminal Cases

Most of Hoffman Estates is located in Cook County. This means that most criminal cases are heard at the 3rd Municipal District Courthouse in Rolling Meadows. That courthouse is located at 2121 Euclid Avenue, Rolling Meadows Illinois. That Courthouse covers Cook County cases from Villages such as Arlington Heights, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows, and Schaumburg, among others. The courthouse in Rolling Meadows has two full-time Felony courtrooms and several Misdemeanor courtrooms. It also has courtrooms dedicated to handling divorce cases and civil disputes. The Rolling Meadows Courthouse is a fully functioning courthouse that is part of the Cook County court system. The courthouse has all of the offices and all of the services any other courthouse in Cook County has.

For criminal cases that originate in the Kane County portion of Hoffman Estates, those criminal cases are heard at the main Kane County Courthouse which is located at 37W777 Illinois 38, St. Charles, Illinois 60175. There are 4 branch Courthouses that are located in Kane County as well. Those Branch Courthouses mainly handle municipal violation matters and traffic offenses.

Award Winning Criminal Attorney for Hoffman Estates Residents

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